Emergency First Aid offers vital information prepared with the cooperation of the American Red Cross.

Nutrition-By-The-Numbers includes US recommended intakes for various vitamins, mineral, fats, carbohydrates and proteins as well as counts of those elements in 48 different foods.

The Calorie Counter offers calorie counts for 144 foods and beverages and the number of minutes of different physical activities needed to burn calories.
The Food Safety Guide offers valuable information on proper handling and preparation to avoid illness.
The Physical Fitness Guide contains a complete exercise program for men & women.
Fat Alternative Guide offers fat content comparisons making it easy to eat healthier.
The Vitamin & Mineral Guide contains information on over 22 vitamins & minerals.
Cholesterol Guide contains information and answers questions about Cholesterol including reduction & controlling your Cholesterol intake.
Osteoporosis Facts & Prevention, answers questions about this important health issue.
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