Custom Guide Wheels can be made to calculate, showcase your product line, outline services or offer general information. Why print costly brochures that may be tossed away. Guide Wheels are interactive and sure to be read. Now, let us guide you through designing a custom wheel that is right for you. Each custom guide must be quoted individually with the following information.

QUANTITY - To make your guide cost effective we recommend a minimum quantity of 5,000.
INFORMATION - The amount of information to be incorporated on your guide will indicate the style of the wheel you will need: Dial with Wheel, Wheel on Wheel, Three Wheels, etc...
SIZE - The amount of information will also aid in determining the size of your guide wheel.
COLORS - Once you have an idea of the style and size, you can work on colors. The outer pieces typically have more colors than inner pieces.
SHAPE - Have fun, a custom guide can be almost any shape you choose.
ARTWORK - Consult our factory to discuss artwork specifications.
SPECIAL OPTIONS - Add a magnet, velcro, bottle necker top and make sure your custom wheel sticks around.

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